Privacy Policy

FUNTEK Software Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "FUNTEK") attaches great importance to the privacy of users of its PinChat website ( and related iOS/Android apps (hereinafter referred to as "PinChat"), and PinChat promises to respect The privacy of users who use PinChat (hereinafter referred to as "you") and keep your personal information confidential.

1. Acquisition of personal data

(1) When you register as a PinChat member, you will be asked to enter your registered account number (email address or phone number).
(2) When you use the PinChat service, the service may collect the following information:
a. Your usage information, including but not limited to: usage history, query information, etc.
b. Technical data, such as: URL, IP address, browser type, operating system information, language and visit time, location information, etc., and this service uses cookies to provide functions on each web page.
(3) In order to provide you with correct and fast services, when you use PinChat services, such as: account change application, feedback, you will be asked to provide member account information or personal contact information.

2. Use of personal data

(1) The information collected by this service will be used for the following purposes:
a. The basic personal information you provide (such as Email, Phone Number) will be used as the basis for membership determination; the contact information you provide will be used as a notification of contact or other updates related to PinChat services.
b. Your usage data and technical data on PinChat will be used to improve PinChat services or develop new services.
(2) PinChat may share aggregated non-personal data with third parties. "Comprehensive non-personal data" refers to data recorded about users and collected in groups that no longer reflect or point to a specific identifiable user after grouping.
(3) The processing and utilization of the above information may be carried out by PinChat's affiliates or other partners. PinChat will not use this information for other purposes, unless there are exceptions to local law.
(4) PinChat will not disclose their personal data to third parties without the prior consent of the members, except those that are required by law for the vital interests of the country or to cooperate with the investigation of law enforcement agencies.

3. Autonomy of personal data

(1) You can inquire, copy or apply to change the scope of your personal information. If you are not yourself or before PinChat has verified that you are me, you may not apply to inquire, copy, request to view or apply to change the personal information that does not belong to this account and Account Services.
If you are not an applicant in the above situation, you will provide relevant personal information and written information when necessary, so that PinChat can assist in processing the operation procedures.
(2) You may request to delete or stop using your personal data by deleting your account on the settings page or by contacting us via; however, once stopped or deleted, you will no longer be able to use PinChat's services.
(3) PinChat has the right to refuse your initiative to change, delete or change your personal data when it interferes with the major interests of the state, obstructs the performance of legal duties by public agencies, or obstructs the major interests of collection agencies or third parties.

4. Security of personal data

(1) In order to protect your privacy, PinChat provides necessary technologies and measures to protect personal data.
(2) Please keep your personal information, registered account and password, etc. properly to avoid leakage. When using PinChat services on personal or non-personal computers, please log out or close the software and browser windows if necessary to prevent your information from being stolen.
(3) PinChat services may contain other non-service websites or web links. If you personally agree to the website's collection, processing or use of your personal data, PinChat will not be jointly and severally responsible.
(4) You agree that when using PinChat services, the information provided and used is legal and does not infringe on the rights of third parties, violate third-party agreements or involve any illegal acts. In the event of damage to a third party due to the use of the service, PinChat shall not be liable for compensation except for the intentional or gross negligence of PinChat.
(5) For more information, you can check the Data Processing Agreement of PinChat.

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