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Real-time multi-interaction, comprehensive management, effectiveness tracking, all done with PinChat

Combine instant messaging, chatbots, surveys, and one-page multi-link website functions to quickly connect with customers and engage in business discussions without exchanging personal contact information.

Real-time interaction

Fast, convenient, and reduce the threshold for contact

With PinChat, you can start a conversation quickly and easily with just a link and QR code. No matter where your customers are located or what time zone they are in, they don't need to establish a private contact method with you, nor do they need to log in, register, or download an app.


More valuable conversation

You can send a variety of messages in the chatroom, such as initiating polls or distributing surveys, to create a more engaging and interactive experience for your customers. This can increase customer participation and allow you to view data results, gather more instant feedback, and collect relevant information from your customers.

Overall Management

Helps you reduce management costs

Supporting multiple real-time communication integrations with various social platforms, including LINE official accounts, WhatsApp Business, etc., to manage messages from multiple channels in one place. You can also categorize and organize chat rooms according to tags and folders, making your chat room list well-organized and simplifying the management process.

Effectiveness Tracking

Understand your customers better through data

We help you understand the effectiveness of each chat link, including click-through and browsing rates. We also provide effective interaction chat room data, where customer responses are counted as valid interactions, helping you filter out invalid chat rooms.

We have all the features you need

Rich features designed specifically for enterprises, we handle everything from initial contact to service completion.


Customize a multi-link website with chat functionality, starting from user landing page, to guide users to interact with your brand.

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Web widget

Set up a customer service chat button on your existing website for quick response to customer inquiries, and increase sales conversion rates.

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Chat functions

Diverse message formats and real-time translation capabilities allow your global business to expand smoothly.

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With a code-free editor, you can quickly create chatbots and pair them with real customer service to improve message response efficiency and serve customers anytime.

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You can use sub-accounts to assign permissions and allow internal staff to respond to messages, manage data, and edit content, while keeping track of the response status in real time.

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Create conversational surveys to provide a smoother survey experience for your customers, and view data analytics to gain deeper insights into your customers.

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Mohamed Labib Al Azzeh

Pinchat is the first ad-hoc, Livechat/chat bot hybrid that didn't copy paste existing market leaders but rather came with a new fresh take to customer support and event lead management.

From Facebook


The only All-in-One livechat/chatbot ad hoc tool you'll ever need

This is by far the best omnichannel experience anyone can deploy either standalone or integrated into any websites and mobile apps. It just works flawlessly. It's messaging and communication reimagined.

From AppSumo


A must have chatbot!

The chatbot works great and there are plenty of customizations that you can make on the back end. This is going to make life easier for both myself and my customers. I hope this software becomes very successful for the developers!

From AppSumo


Pinchat - More than a live chat

I was impressed by Pinchat when I tested their live chat widget. It looked like I was chatting with their support using Whatsapp, where you can unsend messages, or reply to a specified message. I suggested they add reacting to the messages with emojis.

From AppSumo


It’s great platform for those who already using for others like intercom or like and the support team is quick response for your questions. I am completely satisfied and using more than 10 websites recommended.

From AppSumo


Simple, fast, easy to use

It's so simple, fast and easy to use! Most important I like the UI, it's clean and clear guide. In addition, the customer service is so quick to respond!!

From AppSumo



From AppSumo


Thank you PinChat

I recently purchased PinChat and have found it to be a simple, convenient, and versatile messaging platform. Despite not having coding skills, I have been able to use PinChat to improve my customer relationships, and the QR codes feature has been particularly helpful for allowing customers to easily contact me through my business cards.

From AppSumo


I'm blown away by how streamlined and easy this software is to incorporate into my business. I highly recommend 5 out of 5 tacos.

From AppSumo

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