Why PinChat?

It's not just about chatting, we can fulfill all your needs from customer outreach to ongoing management.

  • Connect instantly with a link or QR code, reducing communication barriers.

  • Create a customizable multi-link website with chat function and easily manage all your links in one place.

  • Enhance customer engagement with rich chat features, including real-time message translation and interactive surveys.

  • Collaborate efficiently with sub-accounts for real-time message response, content editing, and data analysis

  • Support omnichat, including WhatsApp Business, Messenger, Instagram and more.

Work wonders within a simple setup

Have trouble with customer management and tracking? Here’s how PinChat can help.

  • Boost sales opportunities

    Boost sales conversion rates with a chat widget for instant customer support.

  • Faster customer service

    Improve response time and offer 24/7 service with chatbots and real agent support.

  • Manage all your chat effortlessly

    Simplify message management with omnichat and chat rooms' tags.

  • Understand your customers better

    Track chatroom and link data comprehensively to analyze customer segments and performances accurately.

Follow up conversations with your computer or app anytime

No matter you're at the office, at home, or commuting, PinChat lets you create engagement and continue conversations anytime, anywhere.

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