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Receive reports anytime and reply immediately

Put the QR code on the leaflet or post it on the bulletin board

No need to download the app, the public can scan and send messages at any time

  • The public no longer needs to download the app or join the official LINE account, they can immediately report and contact relevant units
  • Avoid mixing briefed conversations with private conversations

Public units receive and reply notifications in the dashboard

  • Public units can receive messages and reply quickly through the PinChat dashboard or App
  • Organize chat rooms with folders, labels, and more, or review conversation history

Applicable units: borough chiefs, public works bureaus, environmental protection bureaus, health bureaus

Establish a quick report channel which helps protect campus safety

Place QR codes on elevators, bulletin boards, and walls on campus

Teachers and students in the school can scan the QR code to report at any time

  • Upload photos of items to be repaired, and quickly send the location
  • Report campus bullying and sexual harassment
  • Raise notice of suspicious persons at any time by taking pictures, recording videos, transmitting locations, etc.

Let organizers manage all the data on one platform

  • Keep all the dialogue records and manage evidences in one place
  • Both the unit supervisor and the contact window can use the dashboard and App to receive and reply messages at the same time

Applicable units: schools, education bureaus

Tourist Information Guide and Customer Service

Place QR codes at scenic spots in various districts for tourists to scan and get more information

Serves as the passengers self-guided guide and provide assistance at any time

  • Provides FAQ Chatbot that cooperates with real customer service to answer difficult and miscellaneous issues
  • Let passengers send location to get recommendations of nearby popular attractions
  • Support multi-language interface and translation. Foreign tourists no longer need to worry about language barriers

Responsible units can solve problems more efficiently

  • FAQ Chatbot frees customer service agents from having to answer repetitive questions over and over again
  • Both the unit supervisor and the contact window can use the dashboard and App to receive and reply messages at the same time

Applicable units: Bureau of Observation and Communication, MRT Bureau

Disaster Prevention and Public Order Maintenance

Put QR codes in high-risk places and assist the public in fire prevention and disaster prevention management

Citizens report regional emergencies quickly

  • Everyone can instantly scan the QR code to report emergency events, and use chatbot to obtain escape knowledge and correct routes
  • Send the location to the fire station while reporting, and attach pictures and voice messages to update the real-time situation on the scene

Responsible units receive the reports in real time and respond accordingly

  • Collect on-site information in multiple ways through the App and the dashboard, so that the unit supervisor and the contact window can confirm the situation at any time

Applicable units: police station, fire station

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