Create conversational surveys

Forget those boring forms you have written, here's a better way to reach your customers.

Make your survey conversational, and let the conversations flow easily to get more response rates.
Create your survey, poll, or random quizzes quickly and easily.
Full survey data with cross-analysis available.
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Survey data analysis to provide in-depth understanding on your customers.

Visualized data results
All survey data is displayed in forms and pie charts, making it easier to read through the results.
Cross -analysis
Implement cross-analysis to the answers you receive and find out the relations in between.
Export survey data
Use the exported result for further analysis or simply for saving a record.

Design your survey freely with a variety of questions types provided.

We offer multiple choice, short answer, and five-star rating questions. Combine these question types and build the survey that most matches your needs.

Multiple choice

Set up multiple choice and let your customers choose from up to ten different options.

Five-star rating

Rating in stars not only helps quatify customer satisfaction, but also adds more fun to your survey.

Short answer

Ask questions and let your customers enter their answers by replying in the input box.

Collect feedback in up to six different languages

Create your survey in six different languages for customers around the globe to answer.

Customize how your survey appear in chat

Let customers enter keywords to trigger the survey, or simply just send it manually when you want them to fill it out.

Keyword trigger
When users enter a keyword that perfectly matches, the survey will automatically be triggered. You can set up keywords such as 'collect coupons'.
Send surveys manually
You can click the questionnaire button in the chat room to manually send the questionnaire message to the chat room.